Clan 5-1 Flyers

Was a bit nervous about this one to say the least, but, the real Braehead Clan I love and know stood up and were counted.

OK this was by far a polished performance but they played like a team and that’s why they won.

Amazingly clan got two short handed goals in the same match!!! Also, despite being outshot 39 – 28, they pulled off a convincing win, one that will hopefully be the one that gives them the filip to their confidence and they go on to win the remaining three games of the season and win the Gardiner Conference.

A few weeks ago that thought was unthinkable, now, it’s entirely possible and if it happens it will be an amazing turnaround to a woeful season.

Paul Gardner must be wondering how he is going to ensure this team shows up for the next three games and gets to the playoffs. At least the reaction from the team at the end of the night showed some joint emotion and passion, something to work on methinks.

MOM was deservedly Daren Machesney who played a blinder and provided a lovely moment when mascot Clangus had to stop him leaving the ice as he had to enter the centre of the winning circle to lead the celebration, guess he forgot what to do when Clan win!!

Onwards to Saturday now against Dundee Stars,  again a must win, will Clan do it? Come along and find out!


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