Clan lose out to Giants

Braehead Clan 2 – 6 Belfast Giants tonight at Braehead Arena.

The loss was widely expected but to outshoot your opponents and lose by the above score hurts big time.

Got to feel for Mike Will who was hung out to dry by the defence for the sixth goal after Machesney was pulled after the fifth goal. Terrible defending most of the night it has to be said.

Can’t really fault the team for effort but quite simply it was just not enough on a night where the Giants needed the win tonight keep their title challenge hopes alive.

Schepke got MOM and given his checks, probably deserved but my MOM was Matt Haywood, the man who gives everything and more every single game.

Four games to go in the season now and Clan are up against it regards making the playoffs. Fife home and away plus stars at home twice looks good on paper but, given our record v Gardiner Conference teams it is fraught with difficulties for a clan team misfiring week to week.

My own reckoning is that Clan need to beat Stars twice and Fife once to win the Conference and so qualify as second seeds, anything less will see Clan finish outside the top eight in the Elite League and not even a shot at qualifying for playoff weekend.

Paul Gardner needs to get the players motivated for the match against Fife Flyers on Wednesday and get the win or the season is over.

Mon the Clan!!!!!


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