Same old same old from Clan v Stingrays

I haven’t been on here for a while as unable to get WordPress to load on the tablet but you haven’t missed much sadly.

No wins since I last wrote I don’t think bah. Last night v Stingrays pretty much sums the last few weeks up. Plenty of effort with no return points wise. Paul Gardner really has his work cut out to get Braehead Clan anywhere near the playoffs as we near the end of the season.

I find it hard to criticise the team for effort, try as they might they just cannot buy a win at the moment. You can see the pain on their faces during and after the game. This problem as I see it is this is a team put together by three coaches all with different styles of play and that is not good. In fact it’s nigh on impossible to expect the team to rise to the expectations of the fans who are, quite rightly getting miffed at the current set of results. I’m pretty gutted myself!

Haven’t quite written off the season quite yet but getting close!

Tonight’s match v Dundee Stars is, quite simply make or break for this season. Two points in regulation will keep Clan on track for the conference championship, anything less and it’s curtains, sadly. Harsh but true.

If Goldie shoots low, Schepke gets in on the net and someone actually passes to him when he’s there we have a chance. Haywood will give his all as usual as will Galbraith. Cescon needs to get rough and Benysek needs to stay home in defence and protect Machesney in goal. Machesney, incidentally, has really come onto his game in recent weeks and looks a class act now he’s match fit, yep looking good that man!!

Right, got that off my chest for now! Give me something good to write about tonight Braehead Clan and bring back two points and the W!!!


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