Clan lose 4-1 to Capitals

4-1 loss to the Capitals at home….I keep saying that over and over in my head.

It’s not disbelief, saw it with my own eyes (wish I hadn’t), it’s just…well…the Capitals?????

65% posession to Clan, SOG 34 Clan 28 Caps and clan lose 4-1….sorry…does not compute. Coach PaulGardner has his work cut out to get this team working together now the honeymoon period is over.

Offensively they are so predictable the fans are calling 2 or 3 passes in advance and getting it right, this is not good, especially when the predictions include the stray pass and breakaway goal!

My son mentioned tonight that if Goldie stopped aiming top corner every shot and kept it low he’d score plenty as no-one would be expecting it, that’s how predictable Clan are and why we are so beatable! Same old same old every period and no ideas about anything different.

Defensively, sively or sievely might be better word, poor Daren Machesney is finding out what Garett Zemlak had to put up with, nae defence!!!! It really is shocking. At one point tonight, Brock McPherson was last line of defence? Huh? Go figure that one!

A fan tradition (ironically started in Edinburgh during an 8-3 defeat in season 1) is that Clanfans stand for last two minutes of the match,regardless the score and chant “who are we!” “Purple Army!”. Tonight I remained seated for the first time ever, around 20 fans did stand but the message to the players tonight was evident, enough is enough. Half the arena had emptied prior to the MoM awards and the players, seeing this did a half hearted skate round and left the rink. A fitting end to the evening in my opinion, tails between the legs and heads bowed was just about right.

Didn’t agree with the booing at the end but they pay their money like everyone else I suppose.

Tomorrow sees Clan visit Coventry Blaze. I forgot to put in for holiday on Monday so not going, hopefully that means I miss a Clan win. Aye ok, but I’m being optimistic here!!!

Talk tomorrow no doubt….


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