Nicoletti out, Krestanovich…in..remaining…what?

Very sad to see Davide Nicoletti leaving Clan and have to say it shows what I know after doubting his departure last night eh?

Anyhoo…kinda glad that being with Clan has promoted his profile in such a way that he has managed to get a job in ECHL with hopefully a move up to AHL and then you never know, the Show itself? Regardless, Davide was great for Clan and I wish him every success!

Ok, now Krestanovich Gate. The press release was a joke. Interviews online with Jordan and Coach Paul Gardner made it very clear that JK had decided to leave and tendered his two weeks notice.

Today the club says he’s been ill and now able to ice for the team. Aww come on!! For crying out loud, think things through? Was it too hard to come up with “after extensive talks, Jordan has decided to withdraw his notice and remain with the club, a recent viral infection preventing his icing before saturdays game against Steelers”? I mean, lets face it it’s verging on the truth and probably as close as anyone outside the club is going to get?

Obviously he has had talks, decided to stay and according to Freddie Black on twitter has had an ongoing viral infection so the above would have been the truth and accepted by all. As Jordan would say….stooopid mistake.

Anyway, I welcome Jordan back from illness or whatever caused his absence and look forward to seeing him on the ice again on saturday v the Steelers!

Nicoletti leaves us short on D again and, as he said on the video, talks have been in progress over a few days so I assume that Paulrus has anticipated and looked for a worthy replacement, hopefully this week!

Sheffield Steelers comprehensively dispatched the Dundee Stars tonight to set up a two legged Challenge Cup semifinal v Clan date to be confirmed. This should make Saturdays league match at braehead even more tasty! Bring it on!!!


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