Clan beat Blaze to reach Challenge Cup semi final

Not good to blog when still high after a win but what the heck.

After 71 seconds in the match between Braehead Clan and Coventry Blaze, quarter final of the Challenge cup, Clan were 2 goals down and I was already writing my first *defeat for Paulrus* in my head. Thankfully Paulrus and the team had different views. Down 2-0 after the 1st period it looked pretty glum for Clan as they did their usual on the PP by playing puck a puck a roses round the boards and shot shy into the bargain.

2nd perod was different and amazingly Clan scored 2 PP goals, yep you read that right, the team with the worst PP record in the EIHL actually scored 2 PP goals to end the 2nd even at 2-2 and 4-4 on aggregate. Forunately Blaze were as ineffective on PP as Clan usually are.

By the time the 3rdbperiod got underway, tempers frayed and Blaze went 3-2 ahead but Paul Gardner got stuck in the bench and a goal from Jade Galbraith with just 36 seconds on the clock sealed a memorable win for Clan before some ugly scenes kicked in.

After the full time hooter sounded, the Blaze players, lead by Olson (who had his helmet off!) decided go have a go at clan players which resulted in a virtual bench clearance, refused to shake hands and left the ice without their MOM being announced. This was after goalie Hirsch threw a hissy fit when he lost the fourth goal. Poor sportsmanship all round from Coventry Blaze.

Interestingly, Clan were outshot once more but still managed the win with Machesney getting the deserved MOM for Clan.

Tonight demonstrates the importance of an experienced coach without doubt.

New signing Matt Schepke had a decent debut, showing he was prepared to get physical and good home debuts also from Alan Crane and Grant Reekie.

Next up in the semis it’s either Dundee Stars or Sheffield Steelers, who play wednesday night, Stars with a 2 goal advantage in that one. I’d like an all Scots affair to be honest!

Saturday sees Clan host the Steelers in the league, the fingers crossed seems to working so far, sooooo….fingers crossed!!!

Incidentally, I wonder about the accuracy of the Davide Nicoletti rumours, didn’t look like a guy that was leaving to me!


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