Clan beat Stars away and Coach Gardner makes his first signing

Last night saw coach Paul Gardner extend his unbeaten streak since joining Braehead Clan to four as his still shortbenched team came up with the goods once more to beat the Dundee Stars 4-2 in their own barn.

Davide Nicoletti (allegedly a stay at home D man) got a hat trick and Robert Farmer an ENG as Clan ran out winners in an intense  and close match due to the importance in the Gardiner Conference standings as Clan remain top and three points clear of Stars, albeit Stars have 3 matches in hand.

Paulrus really has  galvanised the Clan into a cohesive unit in both offence and defence and if his comments re “years to come” are true then this club could become a major force in the coming season under his guidance.

His contacts and the Drew Miller Connection appear to have paid off too, as Clan announced the signing of 5′ 11″ , 196lb Matt Schepke. Looks like a good signing this, very much in the style of Mike Wirll (ex clan who scored both Stars goals last night) and not scared to drop the gloves but def not a goon.

I did a bit of snooping on twitter and he was “nervous, anxious, excited” about “a new career adventure” and was tweeted to show off his “power forward speed” so looking forward to that! Goldie, Hartmanis and Schepke with speed? Wooo!

You know, I’ll get pelters for this…but maybe JK leaving was what the club needed? We now have an experienced head on the bench with young heads to be guided on the bench and they’ll work on it as we are talking NHL stuff here. Sad that JK didn’t stay but again, maybe that would have hampered the progress we have made in last 4 games? We’ll never know of course, but hopefully these changes will benefit all concerned.

Tomorrow night against Coventry Blaze is a biggie!! 2-2 after the first leg in Coventry sees the match finely balanced in the bid for the Challenge Cup semi final. Neither team has a particularly long bench so things will be pretty even once again butmI reckon with new player Matt Schepke and his enthusiasm rubbing  off on the other players under Gardner’s guidance, Clan will prevails 3-2 for the overalll win.


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