Krestanovich out, Gardner in at Braehead Clan

More changes at Braehead Clan today as the club announced the signing of new non-playing head coach Paul Gardner and the subsequent departure of player/coach Jordan Krestanovich.

Gardner comes with an impressive cv and pedigree, 400+ points from 400 NHL appearances along with coaching experience in the nhl, chl, ahl and DEL so must surely be the most experienced coach in the UK. (Not to mention the tache!) The move came as a surprise to most and, for me, shows the level of commitment from all at the club. It’s been a difficult season so far with injuries, a short bench and woeful defence so hopefully Gardner will turn things around in time for the team to have a chance at the playoffs in April.

Signings like this do not happen overnight so has Gardner already have his eye on new players? I hope so!

The departure of player/coach Jordan Krestanovich is disappointing but understandable. To go back to working with guys you line managed isn’t really an option regardless of the line of business you are in, so all the best toJordan and thank you for your amazing talents over the last 3 seasons!


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