Zemlak signs for Giants

Garret Zemlak today signed for Belfast Giants as Stephen Murphy is out injured.

Bad news for Team GB in the Olympic playoffs as the number one pick nettie will not be playing.

Is the move a good thing for Giants and Zemlak? For the sake of the Elite League and Zemlak himself Ihope so! However, I am not so sure…

Much has been said that Zemlak will improve his stats now he has a D in front of him, but does he? This is a Giants team who could only beat Braehead Clan in OT and had to come back from 3-0 down v Hull to win in SO? Murphy, the GB No1 in goal for those games, will Zemlak fair any better? In my humble opinion, probably not. Murphy knew the D in front of him and still lost those goals, Zemmers may well find himself the wrong side of a hiding as he is behind an unfamiliar D yet again.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong if only for Zemmer’s sake!


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