One point weekend for Clan

Not going to dwell too much on a dismal one point weekend for Braehead Clan. OT loss on saturday to Dundee Stars and a right royal humping away to Sheffield Steelers.

What worries me most is that Clan consistently outshoot their opponents but still lose. The Steelers were outshout and yet won at a canter by the score of 7 -2. Something is clearly wrong with the balance of the team. Tactically there are some strange goingsbon too. For instance, saturday night v Stars, PP and all the skaters were placed around the boards and no-one in the middle to receive a pass? Nicoletti has a mean slapshot but relying on him to score through a bunch of defenders is nonsense if there are no attackers in there screening the nettie and annoying the D. I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but that seems to be very basic stuff.

Signings are required and required now, otherwise the season is effectively over with 20 matches to go. The D needs to get sorted to free the offence to make the big plays without fear of conceding goals, conceding goals is a regular occurrence all too often, just to make my point!

Hopefully this week will see new signings, glory only knows we need them before the weekend!


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