Disappointing weekend so far for Braehead Clan

Been a disappointing weekend so far for Braehead Clan, nothing new there lol.

Thursday saw a great performance against Belfast Giants at Braehead with the visitors winning a close encounter 3-2 in regulation. Great hockey to watch albeit a loss for Clan. MoM was Mike Will who has really stepped up to the plate now the impending (alleged?) departure of Garret Zemlak looms on the horizon. Not often a losing nettie gets MoM so well done Mike!

Tonight vs Fife Flyers? Back to old ways I’m afraid. Plenty of effort for little result. Outshot Flyers yet still contrived to lose 4-3 in OT? I do have to say that the missile from Fife’s Keller was worthy of winning any match, it was a belter!! Even with the three (four) signings Clan are hopefully going to announce this week, I have difficulty putting my finger upon what needs to be fixed to get those Ws. Offensively they can’t do much more than they are at present,all though….Drew Miller standing behind the Fife net for about 20 secs and no takers in front of the net might have something to do with it? It’s basic hockey but Clan, even 2 1/2 seasons in just do not seem to have realised that. The defence will no doubtbe strengthened and perhaps that will give the offence some freedom to be creative. Positive thinking!

Sunday I’m off to Kirkcaldy for the rematch as it were and hoping Clan can get the all important two points away from home but without the SO drama of last week!


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