Braehead Clan v Cardiff Devils, a case of deja vu

Braehead Clan 2 Cardiff Devils 6

A case of the same old same old from Clan last night. Play well for two out of three periods, out shoot and get gubbed. Very depressing stuff all in all. I know injuries etc but this D is atrocious and I don’t quite know how Garret Zemlak sleeps, he must have nightmares about being marooned on a desert island with incoming pucks! Yes he was to blame for two of the goals at least but if you’ve got no confidence in your D, you get too uptight and lose focus. Just sayin.

There are, allegedly, big changes ahead and supposedly three signings already made with a view to icing in January. Hope they are big in every sense of the word because this Clan team needs some serious height and muscle! It’s a difficult time of year to be finding good, affordable and available players. Let’s hope Coach Krestanovic’s contacts have been working overtime.

Thursday sees Clan visit Belfast Giants, hoping they can keep the score down to single figures over there and then a Gardiner Conference crunch match at home to Edinburgh Capitals, two points will be very pleasing! Fingers crossed!!


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