Things that didn’t happen

The world didn’t end, Jade Galbraith didn’t go to Steelers and Clan didn’t make any new signings. So a week of what didn’t happen in many respects.
One thing that did happen was Garret Zemlak returning from Canada so the No1 nettie should ice on saturday against Cardiff. Back to what didn’t happen, excellent hoax stating Jade Galbraith had gone to Steelers and took me in lol, clone sites and everything. The world didn’t experience Apocalypse Now, self-evident that one! No new signings for Clan. Not that surprising to be honest, this time of year it’s not going to be easy anyway and given that Jordan got his fingers burnt with the Schultz issue, I doubt he’s going to make any snap/knee jerk decisions.
On to tomorrows game against Cardiff Devils at Braehead, a lot of people will be thinking straightforward loss for Braehead Clan. I’m a tad more optimistic than based on the effort last weekend at Capitals, same again ans I really don’t see why Clan can’t take the two points in regulation time. Prediction? 4-3 Clan.


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